Mounting the chassis

Start with the bottom (bottom.dxf)

Now take the back (back.dxf)

Stick the bottom into the back like shown in the picture. Look for the three big round holes in the bottom. They have to face to the back.

Now take one of the two sides (side(x2).dxf)

Look for the four holes in one corner. It has to be on the oposite side of the three big holes in the bottom or else it won’t fit.

Stick it in like the previous part. It should look like this now:

Repeat it for the oposite side.

Now to the front. Take the front (front.dxf)

and stick it on like the previous parts. After this we need screws (M4x25), nuts (M4) and washers (inner diammeter around 4.3 mm, outer ca. 8 to 12 mm). Stick a washer on a screw and stick it in like in the picture.

Put a washer in the hole on the screw like in the picture. (hard to see)

Take a M4 nut with a plier, stick it in to the hole on the screw.

Use a screwdriver and tighten it up. Repeat it 15 times.

The chassis is now ready.